PKM Pt. 1

Personal Knowledge Management: The Must Have Skill for the 21st Century Professional (Part 1)

Do you want to thrive as a professional? The 21st century economy, powered by knowledge and information, requires new skills and competencies for people to succeed. The challenge for the 21st century professional is how to manage information.
We have more information then we have ever had before in human history. The skill for the new century is managing the flow of data and harnessing it to achieve our goals. Access to data is just the beginning. Turning that access into actionable insights is a game changer.
Competitive advantage no longer is reserved for those “in the know” because with technology we are all potentially “in the know”. Competitive advantage will go to those who can manage information in a way that it can be put to effective use. It is action that separates those that lead an industry from those that do not.
Personal knowledge management (PKM) is the essential skill for professionals today because it outlines how people can manage knowledge and information more effectively. Personal knowledge management investigates behaviors, processes and technologies that people can integrate into their daily lives to empower them in using data to their advantage.
Over the next few weeks I will highlight a few PKM strategies that will aid you in taking information in transforming it into insight and action.

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