Learning is Emotional


Knowledge acquisition requires that we are able to do two things:

1. Reflect on personal perspectives

2. Be comfortable with the emotion associated with change

The perspectives and paradigms, to which we subscribe, have a significant influence on how we perceive the world around us. In fact our perspectives can either prevent us from deriving insight from our experiences or they can empower us to make the most of them.

When we become aware of our personal perspectives and how they influence our behavior we set the stage for deeper learning to occur.  In many cases crisis triggers this reflective experience. In other cases this process is engaged in voluntarily. In both cases the experience can be challenging.

When we move beyond habitual action and let go of old perspectives this can trigger an emotional response. We experience disorientation as we move into the unknown.

Gaining a sense of balance can be fostered by connecting with people, who offer us examples of engaging with the world in a new way. Our relationships help us develop an understanding of what the possible future could look like; as well as how we can evolve in order to achieve it.


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