Be Fearless


Fearlessness has a starting point it includes discipline…

Chögyam Trunpa

There will always be fear in trying new things. For professionals trying to excel and seek higher-levels of accomplishment fear is a reality. Growing more proficient in our craft requires  that we do things we have not done before. It requires that we step into unknown spheres. This can be an unnerving and scary experience. However the key to overcoming  fear is to adhere to a discipline. The concept of discipline is more than just staying within the lines of practice. Discipline in this sense means a dedication to a standard, a devotion to a way of engaging with the world.


This enlarged concept of discipline challenges us to understand the nuances and details of our practice. Discipline requires that we become intimately acquainted with our craft in a way that allows us to execute under any circumstance. This intimacy provides us the opportunity to think deeply about our practice. This is an all the time thing as there are no “time outs” from discipline.


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