Keeping Up With Life: The Value of Managing Personal Knowledge

With the speed and pace of business today, personal knowledge management (pkm) techniques are crucial to staying afloat. However even the best of strategies are not without limitations. Clarity of focus and intent are essential in keeping the important things the important things. Time, resources and a person’s ability to work are not infinite resources. Narrowing our to focus to spend time on critical tasks is essential. Personal knowledge management is also about introspection.
Setting time aside everyday to think about  important challenges and tasks is necessary for a pkm strategy to be effective. Clarity of purpose helps a person determine what is essential to know and how to manage the associated critical knowledge.This is why I think project management methods such as Agile Scrum are of such tremendous value. There is an emphasis placed on reflection and the prioritization of work. Reflection is a prerequisite to learning and a safeguard against the wasting of time and resources.
A few best practices
  • Start each day with a reflection on the important priorities to be achieved
  • Recap each day with an assessment of progress
  • Document reflection and thoughts daily using a resource like Evernote or OneNote
  • Use a calendar that is accessible via smart phone, tablet and desktop

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