Put Learning Into Hyperdrive by Having a Knowledge Management Strategy

Through learning we extend our capacity to create, to be part of the generative process of life”
―Peter Senge

For businesses the complexity of providing quality service is increasing. Not only are customers becoming more sophisticated in their expectations but also competition has increased. The reality of this situation is that organizations must be nimble and able to learn at a very rapid pace. This need goes beyond relying on a training program to address gaps in knowledge or capability. To stay competitive organizations need to look at ways to make capturing and sharing knowledge a part of everything it does.

Knowledge sharing is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. This really boils down to creating new habits and patterns of behavior. A knowledge management framework such as Knowledge Centered Support or KCS is particularly helpful. KCS outlines a standard set of practices and techniques proven to help organizations achieve measurable improvements through  the cultivation of knowledge-efficient habits.

Aligning employee behavior to a methodology like KCS will do a few things. It will:

  • Decrease problem resolution time
  • Improve the use of organizational intelligence
  • Empower organizational learning

Problem Resolution

An organization decreases the amount of time it takes to resolve problems when there is a structured way to address issues. A framework like KCS gets everybody on the same page. How many times have you tried to approach a situation and get nowhere because everyone involved had a unique way of doing things? This is challenging because without a common frame of reference one must first be established prior to any problem solving being done.

Organizational Intelligence

A knowledge management framework is also helpful by ensuring important resources are in easy reach of employees when they need it. Knowledge is not power unless it can be quickly retrieved and applied, then it is power. Knowledge management is not just about capturing information but it’s also about the ability to retrieve and reuse it. Many of us can share stories about trying to locate a critical bit of information only to have it take an inordinate amount of time to find. We probably even have more examples still, of using that bit of information only to find out later it was the wrong version! Trust me… no shame if this has been or is currently your reality. There is hope….and hope goes by the name of  KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT.

Organizational Learning

Learning does not just happen in the classroom but rather it happens at every moment and every hour of the day. Particularly when solving the day-to-day problems associated with doing business. A knowledge management framework helps people provide insights in a way that allows it to be retrieved and leveraged immediately. Developing a standard structure for feedback and insight documentation is helpful in capturing knowledge from across the entire enterprise. A standard structure and methodology establishes rules to the game, a game that everyone can play. Knowledge management allows the most current thinking to be accessible to everyone across the organization.

How does your organizational manage the use of knowledge? I would love to hear your story.

Feel free to share here or contact me directly.


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