Process Mapping Is a Powerful Learning Activity

You know process is a powerful thing. Defining the process to how we accomplish work helps to lay the foundation for continual learning,growth and improvement. Articulating the important processes behind how we work is essential for a few reasons:
  1. A clear process allows us to see and detect what went right or wrong in the achievement of a goal.
  2. A defined process allows us to duplicate the desirable results we achieve.
  3. A process allows us to scale our efforts and expand our impact.
Making our processes visible can be as simple as using a pad and pen to draw the high-level steps needed to complete our work. The act of illustrating process visually is called process mapping. Once each step is defined we can systematically begin to determine what knowledge, skills and resources are needed to be successful at each step.
Bottom line is this exercise is critical in enabling us to gear up our learning and improvement efforts and grow our professional capacity.

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