Knowledge Capture: You Know More Than You Think

We don’t know what we know until we have to know it.

We often become aware of our knowledge and the value that it holds within the organization when we are dealing with a challenge.

That’s why it’s important to make use of tools that allow us to capture knowledge created at the moment of problem resolution. When we document our thinking in resolving a situation, structuring those insights into a format that facilitate sharing and reuse we scale the impact and value of the knowledge.

However if a problem is resolved and the knowledge that was created in the process was not captured and shared, the value and impact of that knowledge is decreased drastically.

 A few final thoughts:

1. RESPECT: Value your daily experiences and challenges they are the generators of knowledge.

2. CAPTURE: Document knowledge at the moment it is created.

3. STRUCTURE: Use a simple template and format to structure your knowledge for ease-of-use.

4. BE MINDFUL: Work mindfully and recognize knowledge that can be reused and applied to address emerging situations.