The Power of Social Media

PowerThe power of social media is that it provides access to a network of people, ideas, thoughts, and information. Social media empowers people to expand their awareness and extend the reach of their influence. The ability to collaborate with others is also enhanced due to  this technology. The complexity of the challenges we face from economic to environmental requires higher levels of thought and a broader range of perspective. Social media weaves together people, data, images and stories in a network of information that can be used in a real time manner.  Think about the way current events ripple throughout  virtual networks like Twitter and Facebook.
Almost immediately after the triggering event, a flood of viewpoints, documents, pictures, video clips, etc. populate our news feed. This is information that is often event driven and context specific. Characteristics that make social media a tremendously powerful tool that can be used to not only become aware of but to influence the state of affairs within our organizations and communities.
In a world driven by knowledge it is important for us to be mindful of our personal knowledge networks. Our networks are not just something that happens to us. Nor are they random occurrences that provide mere sensory stimulation. Our networks are created through deliberate action and choice.
In what ways are you using your network?