1. Technology as a means to learn,grow and become more aware.
  2. Technology as a medium for human connection and collaboration.



What is e-lightened? The term e-lightened refers to a set of principles and values. e-lightened is an acknowledgment that technology has the tremendous potential to help people learn, grow and contribute in fascinating ways. Social media and cloud based tools provide people unprecedented access to knowledge, information and more importantly relationships. 


e-lightened is a fusion of the old and the new, a blending age old principles and the capabilities brought about by the investment of technology.

  • We believe that everyone has something to contribute. 
  • We believe that our work should be meaningful. 
  • We believe that becoming our best selves is a worthy and important undertaking.
Are you e-lightened?

what do we do?

The e-Lightened Mind helps service organizations achieve business success by improving how they leverage knowledge and information. We accomplish this by consulting organizations on the use of social media, cloud based tools and knowledge management methodologies.

why do we do it?

Our goal is to create a world where people have access to knowledge that empowers them to discover,develop and use their talents to improve the world.