“Motivation is the catalyzing ingredient for every successful innovation. The same is true for learning.” 
― Clayton M. Christensen

To keep up with the rapid pace and complexity of the business environment it is critical for professionals to upgrade their skill sets. Competencies such as self-directed learning, knowledge management, and social media literacy are critical 21st Century business skills. Technology has changed the business landscape, providing unprecedented access to information, people, and resources. This access has also increased the demand for professionals equipped to handle this new reality. 21st Century business skills are essential to thriving in a globally connected workplace.

The e-lightened Mind helps organizations develop the capacity of their workforce to meet the challenges of this new environment through the delivery of programs and workshops in the areas of:

    • self-directed learning
    • knowledge management
    • social media

The e-lightened Mind can work with your organization in three ways:


SOCIAL BUSINESS: Our organization can help your enterprise establish a social business strategy that will improve collaboration and tap into talent both inside and outside of the organization.


SOCIAL MEDIA HERO: Social media is a powerful way for organizations to meet the needs of their customers and supporters. The e-lightened Mind works with enterprises to establish a social media strategy that helps them save the day for their important audiences. 


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